About the quartet

This ensemble was founded in 1975 by four members of the well-known Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. From love of chamber music grew the desire to study and perform the delightful literature of the strong quartet. The repertoire includes works of the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, as well as the modern. The Bamberg String Quartet has since made a name for itself that goes far beyond regional boundaries. As valued guests at festivals and prominent concert series, they have established for themselves a reputation which has brought invitations from many European countries. Concerts in Vienna, Prague, Salzburg, Linz, Zurich, Bern, Antwerp, Ghent and Luxembourg, to name but a few, have been enthusiastically received by audiences and critics alike. But concerts in Japan, USA, South America, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia also appear on the tour schedules of the quartet. Organisers in many cities book “their” Bamberg String Quartet over and over again, and thus traditions have grown up in many places which are lovingly tended.

The Bamberg String Quartet also likes to make music in extended formations, with wind instruments, or piano. A feature particularly worthy of mention is the cellist Karlheinz Busch's introductions to the works, which are provided on request.
Goethe´s famous saying about quartet playing:
“You listen to four rational persons conversing” means for the Bamberg String Quartet making this “conversation” as stimulating as possible.
Listeners, and also critics, mention over and over again the following characteristics which make a concert by the Bamberg String Quartet an experience:

  • beauty of tone
  • intensity of presentation
  • attention to style
  • high technical standard