... The new formation, with the grandiose Mexican violinist Raúl Teo Arias as first violinist ... has sharpened the quality of the BSQ to that of a real star ensemble ... we heard Haydn in the clear of a spring morning.
Würzburger Mainpost

... the concert evening in Ansbach developed to a highlight of precision and sheer musical culture ... In Schubert´s A minor quartet, the Bamberg String Quartet succeeded in creating a very relaxed interpretation with a clear, transparent structure.
FLZ, Ansbach

... a quartet evening that left nothing to be desired ... the German musicians´ passionate joy in performance was delightful.
Riyadh Press (Saudi Arabia)

... rarely have I experienced Schubert´s "Death and the Maiden" quartet so intensively ... the Bamberg String Quartet is powerfully reminiscent of the musical obsession of the Juilliard Quartet from New York.
Rheinische Post

... the renowned quartet made a bravura guest appearance ... Bavarian television also took an interest in this challenging concert.
Nürnberger Zeitung

... the newly discovered quartets by Beethoven became a musical sensation: performed with liveliness and intensity by the Bamberg String Quartet.
CD discussion Tokyo (in Tune)

... became a magical moment of a kind that is almost beyond compare. ... the ensemble, which is undoubtedly among the best orchestra quartets, at least in Europe, provided a stringent performance of the Mozart quartet which was gripping from the first note to the last.
Mittelbayerische Zeitung

... of all the orchestral quartets that have appeared here recently, the Bamberg String Quartet was the most convincing. Impeccable, coalescent and passionate performance.
Süddeutsche Zeitung

... The BSQ with its marvellous new first violinist Raúl Teo Arias presented Schubert´s great D minor quartet with ravishing virtuosity and fantastic perfection.

...with their stylistic security and powerful expression, together with the excellent rhetoric of a homogeneous sound source, the Bamberg String quartet “narrated” the text of this great Schubert quartet ... Precise differentiation and dynamics lent varying characters to identical sequences of notes ... The “Bambergers” performed ... with great virtuosity and fantastic synchronisation.

... Arias raised the temperature of this quartet with his vital playing ... a unique Adagio (Haydn G minor Op. 74 No. 3) of other-worldly beauty and transfiguration, which the musicians presented to perfection.
Coburg Neue Presse

... The Bamberg String Quartet certainly celebrated a triumph – long standing ovations at the end of this unforgettable concert evening "Kultur auf dem Königsfeld".
Westfälische Rundschau

... The musicians of the Bamberg String Quartet, with their new first violinist Raúl Teo Arias, performed with extreme precision and perfectly matched to one another ... The supreme culture of the string quartet ... The interaction of these four top musicians of the “Bamberg Symphony” is so elegant and supple that it becomes a real treat for lovers of music. This great music, so full of suspense, is thus created anew, unbelievable, breathtaking.

... particularly pleasing in the Haydn were the fine dynamic work, the warm, full tone and the interaction profiting from the four listening attentively to one another ... The delighted audience rewarded the gripping interpretation of Beethoven´s quartet in C minor (Op.18 No. 4) with a standing ovation.
Fränkischer Tag

... The BSQ seems to have really rejuvenated its sound with its new first violinist Raúl Teo Arias. The renowned ensemble of the Bamberg Symphonic has never before sounded so radiantly bright, so spirited, so vital ... the accents flashed like sparkling droplets of water in sunlight ... The BSQ produced a seductive interpretation which was not to be surpassed in clarity and stringency. This ensemble need shrink from no comparison.
Bote vom Hassgau
... Here the seductive quality of the Bamberg String Quartet came already to the fore: with perfect interaction, wonderful dynamic shadings and sharply delineated rhythmic impetus, the BSQ redrew the Mozart quartet with great seriousness ... the BSQ demonstrates its mastery of chamber music, and made a deep impression with this interpretation (Mozart F major K 590).
FT, Bamberg

... The internationally renowned Bamberg String Quartet brought the culture festival to a brilliant climax ... The four artists interpreted the movements lyrically, in perfect co-ordination of tempi and dynamics ... In the furious Presto, they demonstrated their unsurpassable technique ... The audience displayed their enthusiasm for the virtuosity and the fantastic perfection of this top ensemble. Particularly well received were the beauty of tone and the entrancing and poignantly interpreted melancholy mood of the works (Mozart D minor K 421; Shostakovich No. 11 F minor; Schubert D minor op. posth.)
Nürnberger Nachrichten

... This is how moments come to pass that are simply beautiful, moments of pure joy. ... One could describe the interpretation of the BSQ as hypnotic ...
Nordbayerische Zeitung

... But, brilliant as the interaction with the outstanding guitarist Sonja Prunnbauer was, the Bambergers topped it all in Haydn´s “Lark quartet” Op. 64 No. 5. The unifying power of this great master welded together four experts in their craft, creating a densely woven quartet performance. Compelling phrasing, articulation as clear as crystal, and absolute agreement in the dynamic gradations ensured a single-minded masculine imprint. An auditory delight in refined spirituality in the “Adagio Cantabile”, and breath-taking the breakneck tempo in the polyphonic severity of the “Finale-Vivace”. The Bamberg String Quartet is justifiably considered to be today probably the best German orchestral quartet.
Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (NOZ)

... The four musicians also demonstrated considerable quartet culture in this work (Quartet in A minor "The Rosamunde Quartet" by Franz Schubert) and showed great flexibility both of dynamics and of expression. The brilliant and spirited first violinist Raúl Teo Arias, who first joined the quartet last year, was outstanding: a thoroughly limber and elegantly effective Primarius.
Westfälische Rundschau of 18/06/03

... A suspenseful style that seeks out and highlights contrasts has always been the trademark of the Bamberg String Quartet. Self-evidently functioning precision is juxtaposed with a musical temperament that still acknowledges the roots of the Bamberg Symphony players in Prague and Vienna. Raúl Teo Arias, leader of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, has recently taken over as first violin. His singing, sometimes passionately vibrant bowing has made the tonal spectrum of the quartet still more exciting.
Nürnberger Nachrichten of 8/7/03

... The musicians of the Bamberg String Quartet play with extreme precision and perfectly attuned to each other. The supreme culture of the string quartet ... the finest subtlety of phrasing and articulation. The interaction of these four top musicians of the “Bamberg Symphony” is so elegant and supple that it becomes a real treat for lovers of Mozart. This great music, so full of suspense, is thus created anew, unbelievable, breathtaking.
Donaukurier of 2/7/02

... Reinhold Möller played the solo part (Mozart´s Horn Quintet) with immaculate beauty, and a full round tone. The strings (BSQ) assisted, reacting with sensitivity and wit ... The BSQ, reinforced, as for the horn quartet, by Wolfgang Rings (2nd viola) was convincing (Mozart Quintet D major) with a wonderfully formed tone, the most extreme rhythmic precision, and a power of expression that drew all under its spell. In this formation, this ensemble counts among the best of its genre.
Fränkischer Tag of 5/8/03

... To be able to capture the genius of the works, however, brilliant musicians are also required, and they were present, making a guest appearance: the Bamberg String Quartet ... With tempi faster than normally heard, the runs shine like matt pearls ... classically restrained ... clearly nuanced and technically perfect ... One says “See you soon” to this world-class quartet (BSQ), and one means it too.
Fränkische Landeszeitung of 15/7/03

...his potency as a soloist (Arias) and his dominating creative power have brought the ensemble to a peak of mastery it has not previously known ... No wonder that the nearly 500 visitors did not want to let the musicians go even after three encores, maintaining storms of applause ... the BSQ presented itself in top form again. A concert of the premier class in Schloss Oberschwappach.
Hassfurter Tagblatt of 23/7/03